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RoHS Status

Engineered Components Company continues to use tin-lead solder in the standard construction of our products. The majority of our customers continue to request our time tested, proven assembly methods using tin-lead solder and we will continue to use those methods as our standard production. The lead is the only of the RoHS banned substances present in our standard products.

In an effort to satisfy the EU RoHS directive, Engineered Components Company will produce many products with "No Lead" or lead-free solder per request by customer. These products will be free of all 6 banned substances. The RoHS compliant products will be indicated by an "NL" suffix to the standard part number.

Some Engineered Components Company products (typically surface mount products) require the use of a high temperature internal solder that is greater than 85% lead by weight. These products may be considered RoHS compliant by exemption 7a.

Soldering Recommendations

Engineered Components Company products are of hybrid construction utilizing active I.C.'s, P.C. boards, chip capacitors, resistors, wound inductors, and other components. Internal solder connections are all performed by hand soldering using SN63 eutectic solder with a melt temperature of 183 deg. C. The internal solder connections made to the external leads use SN10 solder with a melt temperature range of 268-299 deg. C. All lead free products are hand soldered using Kestor's K100LD solder with a melt temperature of 227 deg. C.

Our hybrid circuitry is encapsulated in an epoxy resin compound that should not be exposed to temperatures above 200 deg. C. (the epoxy resin glass transition temperature) for more than a few seconds.

Care must be taken by the end user to not expose our hybrid circuit products to temperatures above 200 deg. C. that could damage the epoxy resin, or remelt and possibly reflow the internal solder connections.

We strongly recommend hand soldering all of our products using a lower melt temperature solder such as SN63. Our products with surface mount leads were designed to allow customers to use a non-feedthrough product where applications demanded it, but they should also be hand-soldered.

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