Engineered Components Company (EC2) products are based on L-C delay lines and other coil devices. Standard products include: Analog Delay Lines (untapped, tapped, programmable), Digital Delay Lines (untapped, tapped, multiple, programmable), Digital Modules (frequency multiplier, pulse generator, square-wave generator, noise filter, encoder/decoder), Inductors (toroidal, pot-core), and Hall-Effect Sensors (digital, linear).

We can also design and produce special variations to our standard products per customer requests. We provide these “specials” at low costs and with reasonable lead-times.

EC2 products have been manufactured exclusively in the United States since 1968 and have been supplied to thousands of customers in a variety of markets, including: automotive, computer, medical, communications, test and measurement, military and defense, radar, aerospace, university research, and other precision timing applications.

We encourage you to browse our website to view our product lines or contact us to discuss any special requirements or variations to our standard products