Mounting Insulators for components have been the mainstay of a product line that can be considered as basic hardware designed to assist in the fabrication of more reliable assemblies.

Our Mounting Insulators have been designed to ensure product reliability by:

1. uniformly spacing and insulating the component from the printed circuitry.
2. providing clearance to allow solder-fillet formation on double-sided printed circuit boards.
3. permitting flush cleaning of solder-flux residues.
4. allowing inspection of solder-fillets.
5. permitting improved conversion air cooling.
6. helping prevent moisture entrapment due to condensation.
7. reducing the effect of shock and vibration by providing a secure, permanent mounting base.
8. protecting the component from overheating during soldering by increasing the effective lead length between the component and the printed circuit board.

Our extensive line of insulators, though designed specifically for capacitors, diodes, resistors, DIPS, relays, and transistors, can also be used to mount other components such as trim potentiometers, LEDS, integrated circuits, etc.


Generally all of the products on this site are molded using high temperature Liquid Crystal Polymer (Vectra®), however, there are several parts that are molded of Diallyl Phthalate. The part numbers in this site must be suffixed 'D' or 'V' in order to be complete. The letter is in reference to the material from which the parts are molded; i.e. D=Diallyl Phthalate or V=Vectra®.

Properties of Liquid Crystal Polymer (Vectra®)
Properties of Diallyl Phthalate

Vectra® is a registered trademark of Hoechst Celanese Corporation.