Encapsulation Shells are compression molded or injection molded using thermoset plastic (Diallyl Phthalate) and are used to encapsulate or enclose electronic circuitry and components.

Special Features

These special features are designated in the tabulated parts list for each product line.

A) Holes in the bottom, may be flashed
over on the outside surface.
B) Standoff feet on the outside bottom.
C) Header step at the inside open end.
D) Other special feature; Call for details.

General Design Information

Dimensions shown in these tabulations describe the outside configuration of the encapsulation shell; they are nominal dimensions for reference only since tolerances vary from shell to shell. Generally speaking, the following tolerances can be considered as maximum:

1. On any diameter, width, length or height dimension under 1.00 inch, tolerances of ±.010.

2. On any diameter, width, length or height dimension between 1.00 inch and 3.00 inches, tolerances of ±.015.

3. On any diameter, width, length or height dimension exceeding 3.00 inches, tolerances of ±.020.

Wall Thickness
Wall thicknesses shown in these tabulations are nominal thicknesses and are for reference only. Generally speaking, the following tolerances can be considered as maximum:

a. Up to .500 high, a tolerance of ±.005.
b. Between .500 and 1.00 inch high, a tolerance of ±.010.
c. Higher than 1.00 inch, a tolerance of ±.015.

Draft required to ensure proper molding and release of the molded shell from the mold is incorporated into the wall thickness tolerances for any given shell; this draft is evident only on the inside of the shell with the outside of the shell showing no draft.

The external radii on all shells tabulated are maintained at .015 maximum. Internal radii on shells varies from 1/64 to 1/16 inch depending on size.

Tolerances on external dimensions are generally specified to allow economical production.

Standard Colors

Black is the standard color utilized in our production. Other colors are available on special order when production quantities permit economical production.

Additional Features

In addition to the above features, and where production quantities warrant, shells can be produced incorporating cored holes for lead breakout and step design in the open end for headers, locating ribs, standoff feet, etc.

Secondary Operations
Robison Electronics, Inc. is equipped to provide secondary operations, such as silk screening, drilling of holes, installation of terminals and inserts, and on larger shells, sandblasting of the interior surface. Shells which require secondary operations will be quoted based on specific request.

Tooling of New Sizes
Since all tooling is produced in our own modern tool room, new shells can be made available with a normal lead time of eight (8) weeks after receipt of order (this lead time can be reduced in some cases, if required).

Part Numbering System
The three letters preceding the hyphen designate the type of shell, i.e. PMS designates Precision Module Shells, POS designates Precision Oblong Shells, PRS designates Precision Round Shells, and PSS designates Precision Square Shells.

The numbers following the hyphen indicate: in the case of Module Shells (PMS) and Oblong Shells (POS), the first several numbers are size identifiers and indicate the shell width, and the second group of several numbers indicates the shell length; with Square Shells (PSS), the first several numbers indicate the length and the width of the shell while the second series of numbers identify the height of the shell; with Round Shells (PRS), the first several numbers identify the shell diameter, the second series of numbers identify the shell height.

Letters and numbers (i.e. S2, S6, etc.) that follow the size identifiers are used internally to identify minor differences between shells that share the same size identifiers.

The height of standoff feet is included in the overall height of the shell.

POS: Precision Oblong Shell
2560: The shell is 2.560 inches wide
2960: The shell is 2.960 inches long
S1: An internal designation code

PSS: Precision Square Shell
355: The shell is .355 inches square
395: The shell is .395 inches in height
S27: An internal designation code

PRS: Precision Round Shell
400: The shell has a diameter of .400 inches
290: The shell is .290 inches in height
S3: An internal designation code